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  • The Holy Books Of God (Al-Kutub Al Muqadisah)

    The Noble Qur’an confirms the Holy Scriptures that came before it, particularly the Books of Moses (Torah), the Psalms and writings of the prophets (Zaboor), and the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Injeel), as sacred sources of God’s guidance , blessings, light , good tidings and admonition to the righteous, and warning for the wrongdoers. The […]


    This is a summary of basic Adventist beliefs with Biblical supporting texts. You will notice that some of the words used are those that would be familiar to a person of Muslim faith. This is intentional as we try to build bridges of understanding. In order to show areas of commonality between Adventists and Muslims, […]

  • 07. Transgress not in matter of the Sabbath

    BISMILA-HIR RAHMA-NIR RAHIM Assalamu’alaikum We wish you Heaven’s, Eternal Peace! Should Islam keep the Seventh-Day Sabbath “Sabt” as a day of rest upon which one reframes from any work? Many in Islam believe that the Ten Commandments, written with the “finger of Allah,” are to be obeyed. What many have overlooked is the fact that […]

  • 06. The Day the Trumpet Sounds

    BISMILA-HIR RAHMA-NIR RAHIM Assalamu’alaikum Do you believe that Isa al-Masih will someday soon return? Many in Islam today believe that. But when Isa al-Masih returns, how will we know that it is really Him? How can we know that it is not a counterfeit? The Counterfeits of Iblis…Remember that Iblis [Satan] has tried to counterfeit […]

  • 05. That Allah might purge your hearts

    BISMILA-HIR RAHMA-NIR RAHIM Assalamu’alaikum What has happened with the human heart? Why is there so much deceit, corruption, and lawlessness in society today? Is it not because of the disease in the human heart? Even seemingly good religious people are not exempt from having these problems. Where did this disease come from? Did Allah make […]

  • 04. Ransomed with a Great Sacrifice

    BISMILA-HIR RAHMA-NIR RAHIM Assalamu’alaikum The Honored Qur’an gives a most descript illustration of submission to the Word from Allah in the life of Ibrahim. Therefore, we should consider ourselves blessed to know the story. Ibrahim called out…One of the best examples of submission to Allah’s Word is when Ibrahim was called to leave his country, […]

  • 03. Glad Tidings from Allah

    BISMILA-HIR RAHMA-NIR RAHIM Assalamu’alaikum Truly even one Word from Allah would be Glad Tidings! How grateful people ought to be to receive anything from Allah. He is so Merciful and Kind to be concerned with humankind. It tells us in the Honored Qur’an that He sent us a ‘Word’ from Himself, and His name was […]

  • 01. The Taurat, Zebur and the Injeel

    “BISMILA-HIR RAHMA-NIR RAHIM” Assalamu’alaikuml The Honored Qur’an tells us why we need to read the Taurat and the Injeel (the Bible Scriptures). In Aal-E-Imran 3:3 it tells us the following: ‘It is He Who sent down to thee (step by step), in truth, the Book, confirming what went before it; and He sent down the […]

  • 02. The People of the Book

    BISMILA-HIR RAHMA-NIR RAHIM Assalamu’alaikum! Greetings, a dear friend of Allah; I am certain that the reader has encountered the words of the Honored Qur’an below. Who are these people? There can be no doubt that they must be exceptional, but let’s look close to see who they are! The Honored Qur’an points out a group […]

  • Biblical and Quranic Studies – English

    To view any Lesson kindly check the following links: 01. The Taurat, Zebur and The Injeel… 02. The People of the Book 03. Glad Tidings from Allah 04. Ransomed With A Great Sacrifice