This is a summary of basic Adventist beliefs with Biblical supporting texts. You will notice that some of the words used are those that would be familiar to a person of Muslim faith. This is intentional as we try to build bridges of understanding. In order to show areas of commonality between Adventists and Muslims, Qur’an references are noted which concur with some of the Biblical themes. These are not listed in the sense of “proof texts”, since not all of the Biblical concepts described in these paragraphs are supported in the Qur’an. They are given for your study in order to understand areas of agreement. Keep in mind that the Qur’an references may not concur with all of the biblical concepts noted in the statements of belief. But they are texts that are in agreement with certain important concepts in the statement. In other words, it may not be possible to construct a similar beliefs in statement only from the Qur’an sources. However you can use them to note points of agreement and to challenge the Muslim to a deeper personal faith. Used in this manner, it is our hope that it will assist in building respect and understanding between Adventists and Muslims.

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