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  • The Holy Books Of God (Al-Kutub Al Muqadisah)

    The Noble Qur’an confirms the Holy Scriptures that came before it, particularly the Books of Moses (Torah), the Psalms and writings of the prophets (Zaboor), and the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Injeel), as sacred sources of God’s guidance , blessings, light , good tidings and admonition to the righteous, and warning for the wrongdoers. The […]


    This is a summary of basic Adventist beliefs with Biblical supporting texts. You will notice that some of the words used are those that would be familiar to a person of Muslim faith. This is intentional as we try to build bridges of understanding. In order to show areas of commonality between Adventists and Muslims, […]

  • Biblical and Quranic Studies – English

    To view any Lesson kindly check the following links: 01. The Taurat, Zebur and The Injeel… 02. The People of the Book 03. Glad Tidings from Allah 04. Ransomed With A Great Sacrifice

  • His other Sheep In Russian

    “Peace be Upon you”

  • The People of the Book

    “peace be upon you”   Here you would see pastor Gerald talking about People of the Book which is in Quran.

  • His Other Sheep in English

      “peace be upon you” Here you would see pastor Gerald talking about evidence which is in Quran.   pastor Gerald B.

  • Armenian Sermons

    you may see more sermons in Armenian Language on our website. We gradually add more Videos to our website, so please check back often.